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Welcome every One Piece lovers, we are glad to have you here in our One Piece Merch online store. We look forward to serve all of you very soon. Here at our One Piece Merchandise Online Store, we offer everything inspired by One Piece. You may look for a One Piece Figure or One Piece Backpack, or you may look for One Piece Clothing, One Piece Cosplay custome for the next cosplay party, our collections including: One Piece Shirt, One Piece Hoodie, One Piece Shoes, One Piece Sweater, One Piece Face Masks and more. If you just find small souvenirs to show your love, visit our One Piece Stickers or Keychain/Phone case category. Our store is the perfect place to find One Piece Merchandise and the accessories to go with it, we offer it all!

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One Piece plot :

The story of One Piece takes place in a fictional world dominated by the oceans, where some pirates yearn for an era of freedom and adventure known as the “Golden Age of Piracy”. This era was inaugurated following the last words spoken by the pirate king, Gol D. Roger, nicknamed Gold Roger before his execution6. Roger announces to the world that its inhabitants were free to seek all the riches he had accumulated during his entire life, the "One Piece." " Twenty-two years after Roger's execution, interest in One Piece is waning.

Many have given it up, some even wonder if it really exists. While pirates are still a threat to locals, the Navy has become more effective at countering their attacks on all four seas: East Blue, North Blue, West Blue, and South Blue. However, this change did not deter Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy, from wanting to become the successor of the legendary Roger. He will thus set off on an adventure by giving himself as his first objective to create a crew in order to reach the Grand Line sea, where the fever of the "great wave of piracy" continues to rage, and where many big names in the piracy are in pursuit of One Piece, supposed to be on the last island of this great sea, Laugh Tale (spelling intended by Oda).

Luffy goes on an adventure after meeting Shanks le Roux, the captain of a pirate ship who spent a year in his village and saved him from a sea monster by sacrificing his left arm. Since then, Luffy wears his straw hat which he gave to him to mark the promise to become a great pirate. This hat will therefore become the symbol of his crew. It was at this time that he eats a devil fruit that Shanks held: the fruit of Gum Gum, and which makes his body elastic.

Devil Fruit once eaten grants special abilities to its holder, who at the same time loses all of their strength when submerged in seawater. Luffy and his crew will make many encounters that will strengthen their friendship and expand. their crews. But they will have to confront the pirate crews advocating violence and power, as well as the Navy and its soldiers, guarantors of justice.