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The Chief of staff and No. 2 of The Revolutionary Army Sabo, at a very young age he ran away from his noble parents to live alone in the Gray Terminal where he met and befriended Ace not long after. Five years later, the two became friends with Luffy as welland the three came to consider themselves brothers, swearing an oath of brotherhood over sake. They also shared the dream to set out to sea as pirates and achieve freedom.

Dive into the One Piece universe with Sabo’s exquisite outfit. The uniqueness of this cosplay item along with its incredibly accurate attention to detail will make you the constant centre of attention everywhere you go !

  • Material: The costume was created with the highest grade and quality of Polyester, a durable and resistant form of plastic resistant to shrinking, stretching, wrinkling, and abrasions. It is also quick to dry and stain resistant.

  • Lightweight: Sleek and lightweight, this cosplay item is the perfect way to share your style with the world.

  • Item Type: Set

  • Image depicts Sabo's outfit.

  • The cosplay item is of an extremely high quality with a very reasonable price.


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