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With a bounty of 602,000,000 Berries, Sabo is one of the most important figure in the Revolutionary Army. He's the right arm of Monkey D Dragon, considered ah the most dangerous person for the world goverment. During Dressrosa, he ate the Mera Mera No Mi and got the same power as his spiritual brother : Portgas D Ace.

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Today, become an official member of the Revolutionary Army by getting our splendid Sabo T Shirt especially designed by One Piece Store ! ☠️

  • Cotton : The most comfortable material
  • Durable : top quality shirt, durable
  • Slim Fit : fits your body andis very flexible
  • Comfortable & smooth (no friction)
  • Original Design
  • Modal, cotton

Refer to the size guide below. 1 size above is a guarantee of security.

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